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Countertop Water Filters-Fresh clean healthy filtration drinking water

Countertop Water Filters are undoubtedly the best way to provide the body with water. The human body consists of roughly 70% to 80% water throughout its entire structure. Water also plays a key role in several function systems including the circulatory, lymphatic, digestive and elimination system. It is also what regulates the natural temperature control within the body. By using a countertop water filter, harmful ingredients in water are filtered out to leaving natural healthy ingredients in pure water behind.

 Countertop Water Filters Are Available in a Wide Variety of Sizes

There are a wide range of countertop water filters and bench top water filters available on the market. All serve the same basic purpose to remove chemicals from drinking water. It really comes down to a matter of personal preference. The filter systems take up relatively little space on a kitchen countertop. These water filter systems are available with a replaceable cartridge and without the need for one.

Installation of countertop water filters can be completed in fewer than five minutes. Start by attaching the filter system valve to the kitchen sink faucet. Next attach the enclosed water line or lines into the base of the water filtration system. Test that the system is properly hooked up by running water through for a period of two to three minutes. In terms of maintenance, bench top water filters follow a general rule of thumb, filter cartridges should be changed every 500 gallons of water filtered or six months.

Countertop Water Filters Have Easy to Replace Cartridges for Continual Freshwater

Each filtration unit comes with a screwed in area that contains the filter cartridges. Simply unscrew and remove the used cartridges from the holder. Replace with new filter cartridges and close the area. Discard the used filter cartridges in a trash receptacle. Countertop water filters and bench top water filters filter harmful ingredients, mostly chemical in nature, from drinking water.

The end result is easy access to freshwater for drinking; dish washing and pet care needs. Some of the chemicals filtered out of water with these systems include chlorine and chlorine by-products, cysts, lead and hundreds more.

Water Filter Systems Can Eliminate up to 99% of Impurities in Drinking Water

One of the essential ways a countertop water filter system works is by eliminating up to 99% of chlorine found in regular tap water. This is achieved by utilizing a basic copper-zinc compound. These elements are broken down into granular form. The remaining compound works to eliminate current traces of chlorine and prevent future build up in water sources.

Chlorine is one of the most harmful chemicals known to the human body. When consumed through drinking water, it acts as a bleaching agent that dries out skin and discolors hair. An added dose of hot water kicks the harmful element up a notch by turning into a skin and lung irritant.

 Crystalline Quartz Is Used in Countertop Water Filters to Revitalize Your Drinking Water

Another filtration feature of the bench top water filter is the use of crystalline quartz. This substance acts a revitalize agent for the water. By doing so, it is able to reduce surface tension in the water. Other harmful elements found in tap water direct from the kitchen faucet are heavy metals such as lead and zinc. Algae substances are the source behind bat tasting water and foul odors that sometimes are present in regular, unfiltered water.

The initial price of a water filtration system pales in comparison to other sources of pure water. Take bottled water for example. This pure water source is not a constant. There is the unending need to buy new bottles of water when a supply runs low. This can add up over time to be more costly than purchasing a countertop water filtration system for the home. We want to help you with information and resources so you can find the right water filtering system that will suit your needs.

Kitchen Water Filters-Clean drinking water for the whole family
Every kitchen should be equipped with kitchen water filters.This is because water is the most important part of our daily diet.The reason that kitchen water filters are so important is that they are the last leg of defense you have against harmful agents entering your body through your water supply.

Wellness Water Filters-Providing fresh clean healthy water every time
When it comes to health (yours as well as your family’s) its better to be safe than sorry. Especially when being safe is so affordable and easy. Wellness Water Filters not only filter out harmful components in your tap water, it also enhances it to a newer level of better tasting fresh clean water.

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