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Carbon Water Filters-The natural water filtration system for your home

Carbon Water Filters are amazing devices. How else would you explain why most drinking water filters today use it as part of their water purification system? Carbon is the base of all life on our planet, and is available in so many different forms, from coal to diamonds. In some forms, it’s considered to be the most absorbent materials known to man – and that’s exactly why it carbon water filters becomes such the perfect candidate for a water filtering systems.

 Carbon Water Filters Is Your Naturally Activated Filtration System for Freshwater

Activated carbon water filters (also known as ACF) for water treatment usually contain powdered block carbon. Though some can use granular activated carbon, block carbon is considered to provide much better performance, removing more contaminants than granular carbon.

Why is it called activated carbon? It’s simple; they turn it into a “magnet” by adding a slight electric charge. This way, most harmful chemical components are sucked right into it, leaving nothing but crystal clear water flowing through.

 Carbon Water Filters Are Best When Combined with Other Filtering Methods

Although effective, "carbon water filters" are not perfect. For instance, they don’t handle small particles and sediments very well. That’s why you’ll find them attached to a sediment pre water filter which removes particles that would quickly clog the carbon filter, severely reducing its effectiveness. High quality drinking water filter usually employ 4 different filtering methods, to ensure water is completely free from harmful components. In one of them, you can be sure to find an activated carbon water filter.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters-Space age water filtration technology for your home
Reverse Osmosis Water Filters are considered the holy grail in water filtration and purification. No matter how bad your water is, this system can turn it into crystal clear drinking water. Its no surprise there are a lot of people out there, which rely on these reverse osmosis water filter systems for their daily dosage of drinking water.

Wellness Water Filters-Providing fresh clean healthy water every time
When it comes to health (yours as well as your family’s) its better to be safe than sorry. Especially when being safe is so affordable and easy. Wellness Water Filters not only filter out harmful components in your tap water, it also enhances it to a newer level of better tasting fresh clean water.

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