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Pur Water Filters-Water filtration systems with a new twist of flavor

There’s a common misconception that Pur water filters (and every other drinking water filter by that matter) can turn your water tasteless. Well… that may be true with those other filters, but you cant say that Pur water filters are quite a bit different. How else would you explain that they even offer you flavored drinking water filters?

 Pur Water Filters Provide Fresh Clean Water with a New Flavor Taste

Yes, you read it right. Pur Flavored water filters – who would have thought of that? No matter how pure and crystal clear water may be after flowing through a Pur water filter, we all know how some people feel water to be a little too “pure”. This is more of a problem when you think about young children always asking for sodas and cokes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to allow them enjoy the freshness of Pur filtered water – not to mention it would be a lot better to their health as well? Now you can let them choose their favorite flavor and let Pur flavored water filters handle the rest.

 Pur Water Filters Actually Make You Want to Drink More Water Because It Tastes Good

After all the different water filter systems I’ve come across throughout the years, I have never seen one that really makes us want to get up and grab a glass of water like these new "flavored Pur water filters". The only drawback so far is that you may end up drinking so much water that you’ll find yourself running to the bathroom more often than ever. But, knowing just how good that strawberry flavored water tastes, I think it’s well worth it to have a Pur water filter.

Culligan Water Filters-Complete Water Filtering products for every need
Culligan Water Filters are probably the most adaptable. No matter what kind of filter you may need, you can be sure you will find it at Culligans. So, what are you looking for? A tabletop water filter for your kitchen? A water softener for bathing? As I said, Culligan water filters has you covered, and even offers some unique products you might want to hear about.

Carbon Water Filters-The natural water filtration system for your home
Carbon Water Filters are amazing devices. How else would you explain why most drinking water filters today use it as part of their water purification system? Carbon is the base of all life on our planet, and is available in so many different forms, from coal to diamonds. In some forms, its considered to be the most absorbent materials know to man. Activated carbon water filters (also known as ACF) for water treatment usually contain powdered block carbon.

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