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Shower Water Filters-Reduce harmful chlorine for fresh shower water

Shower Water Filters are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, in order to control the content of chlorine in our water. A shower or hot bath is regarded by most people as being one of life’s little pleasures. However, a majority of people are not actually aware of the damage that can be caused to our health due to the chlorine in the water being dangerous. Although chlorine is used, all over the world, to disinfect water, it is not safe for drinking, showering or bathing. Therefore, shower water filters are highly recommended to reduce the problem of chlorine.

 Shower Water Filters Remove Harmful Chlorine (Keeping Lower Vaporized Chlorine Levels)

When we have a hot shower or soothing bath, chlorine is vaporized which then enters our bodies through our lungs and the pores of the skin. It can very often have a pungent aroma, which can cause irritation to our eyes, nose, throat, lungs and mucous membranes. Even if chlorine cannot be smelt, hidden ailments can be caused from it, such as headaches and other neurotoxic reactions. Of course, bathroom shower water filters would help to prevent this from happening.

The hair and skin can both be affected by chlorine also, as it is cosmetically damaging. One example of this is whereby chlorine bonds with the hairs proteins, which result in it becoming dry and brittle. This causes blonde hair to turn green whilst washing out the natural color. The natural oils in the skin can be stripped away and become dry, itchy, or even prematurely aged.

Exposure to Vaporize Chlorine Has Been Linked to a Variety of Health Ailments

But, one of the most important factors is, that recent studies have shown that exposure to chlorine significantly increases the rate of heart disease and cancer of the bladder and colon. For this reason alone, bathroom shower water filters are an advantage to every individual.

For this reason Shower water filters are a very important accessory to have in your bathroom. Bathroom shower water filters are inexpensive solutions to expensive health risks. Not only do they help the pH balance in the water, but they also remove:

  • Up to 99% of chlorine,
  • Rusty water,
  • The smell of sulphur,
  • Ammonia and chlorine,
  • Dirt
  • Odors,
  • Traces of heavy metals.

Some Tap Water Contains the Same or More Levels of Chlorine as in Swimming Pools

Many people are not aware of the fact that tap water contains the same, or above the level of chlorine that is suggested for swimming pools, which is 1 to 1.5 ppm. The vapor that we inhale whilst we are showering can contain up to 20 times the concentration of chlorine and other chemicals as tap water.

This is due to the fact that these chemicals vaporize at a much lower temperature and at a much quicker rate than water. It is true that 98% of the water that comes from the shower head, does in actual fact go down the drain, but 70% to 90% of the waters chemicals vaporize before the water in fact makes contact with the ground.

 Studies Have Showed Health Concerns Related to Inhaling Chlorine Vapors

Inhaling these vapors can result in asthma and bronchitis. When we inhale these vapors, they are sent directly to the bloodstream, having major effects on the body. One very interesting study is that one-quarter of the members of the United Stated Olympic swim team suffers from some degree of asthma due to chlorine inhalation.

By removing chlorine and chemicals from your water by placing bathroom shower water filters in your homes, you can help to reduce dangerous health risks. We want to supply you with information and resources so you can find the right Shower water filters that will fit your needs.

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