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Under Sink Water Filters-Purifying your water with the best water filter system

A great way to have a pure water filtration system and kitchen counter space is to invest in Under Sink Water Filters. This style of water filters attach, as the name implies, under a sink anywhere in a home. This includes kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and utility room sinks to name a few. The purpose of under sink water filters is to purify regular tap water of chemical impurities. All filter systems are basically the same although there are a few that make a best under sink water filters list. Names appearing here include Aquasana and Crystal Quest.

Under Sink Water Filters Have Some Limitations Depending on Where Your Water Comes from

Under sink water filters remove chlorine and other harsh chemicals from water. There are a few limitations to owning a filtration system. For example, when a home has a water source from a nearby lake or well, it is recommended that the water undergoes testing from a lab before connecting the filtration system. In the event that water is tainted with micro-organisms, a whole house water filtration system would be more effective.

Under sink water filters connect to existing faucets to provide purified water for drinking, cooking and pet care needs. A line of filtration systems is inline which basically means the system is installed ‘in line’ with the existing plumbing of a home. For this, professional plumber installation is required.

Under Sink Water Filtration Systems Are Easy to Install

All other filtration systems are easily installed within minutes by the owner. There are single filter and double filter systems available. The best under sink filters will have the capacity to hold a minimum of 10,000 gallons. Filter cartridges will require changing every one to three years depending on water gallon capacity.

Single filter systems send water through a minimum of six different purification stages before dispensing it out of the faucet. Through this process, hundreds of harmful elements are eliminated from the tap water. Double filter systems take things to the next level.

Under counter Water Purification Systems Have Minimum of Six Stages

Here, an extra stage of purification is added to the process. The first filter cartridge is solid carbon that removes insecticides, pesticides and other volatile carbons from the water. This is the extra step in water purification. The second filter cartridge conducts the remaining six stages of purification.

 In both of these systems, filter cartridges are reliable for a period of one to three years depending on what type is purchased. A select few of the best under sink filters contain cartridges that remain in place for a five year period. Water gallon capacity with these units is 30,000 gallons or more.

Water Filtration Systems Are Available to Help Reduce High Levels of Fluoride

On the water filtration system market, there are also under sink filters with fluoride are available. These systems work to reduce the high levels of fluoride that is found in tap water. The fluoride levels can be contained to less than 0.5 ppm. In addition to this, the water filtration also removes arsenic in tap water.

The initial cost of a under sink water filtration system can seem expensive at first. However, when compared to the price of bottled water or a bottle water home delivery service, home water filtration systems are cost effective. The comfort provided in knowing water being consumed by household members is priceless. We want to help you with information and resources on all your water filtering needs.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters-Space age water filtration technology for your home
Reverse Osmosis Water Filters are considered the holy grail in water filtration and purification. No matter how bad your water is, this system can turn it into crystal clear drinking water. Its no surprise there are a lot of people out there, which rely on these reverse osmosis water filter systems for their daily dosage of drinking water.

Carbon Water Filters-The natural water filtration system for your home
Carbon Water Filters are amazing devices. How else would you explain why most drinking water filters today use it as part of their water purification system? Carbon is the base of all life on our planet, and is available in so many different forms, from coal to diamonds. In some forms, its considered to be the most absorbent materials know to man. Activated carbon water filters (also known as ACF) for water treatment usually contain powdered block carbon.

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